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About Us
After many years of wondering what to do to keep busy in retirement, Chuckaroo decided that starting a small, home based, Custom Laser Engraving service sounded like a good idea.  With an investment in a several new, state of the art, Epilog CO2 Lasers, we are eager to create some smiles and happy customers. His 30 year career, with "The Old Ma Bell", taught him how to ensure customer satisfaction and it also developed his high work ethics.

A lifelong shooter and Cowboy Action Shooting competitor, Chuckaroo decided to initially cater to the Cowboy Action shooters needs and begin the retirement hobby of laser engraving. The abilities of the CO2 Laser are really incredible. It will engrave almost any material and has resolution up to 1,200 dots per inch. This provides extreme detail and limitless opportunities for engraving.

Our initial focus is to cater to the Single Action Shooting Society™ (SASS) and cowboy shooters. Shoot badges, awards, grips, gun stocks, leather, name tags, gun cart seats and adornments for your gun cart are popular offerings. However, we will engrave almost anything that can fit in the machine (24 X 12 maximum). 

Chuckaroo started shooting Cowboy Action in 1996 and was the match director for the SASS Maryland State Championship (Thunder Valley Days) for 20 years, and the match director for the SASS N. E. Regional Championship (The Mason Dixon Stampede) for 9 years. He was also the Match Director for the SASS Eastern Divisional Championship for 2 tears.  His involvement has helped him understand the needs of the shooter and match directors. He is a SASS Territorial Governor, past Territorial Governor of the year and he was inducted into the SASS Hall of Fame in January 2015.

Our goal is to see that we meet your requirements and give you enough confidence, that after you have given us your order, you can consider it done.  If we make a mistake, we will make it right.

As a match director, I know what is going on behind the scenes. Worrying about awards and badges can take up a lot of energy. Having dealt with vendors that were difficult to get in touch with, or unresponsive to calls and E-mails, I know the frustration and anxiety that takes place. You don’t need that.

Once the final design is approved by you, we will provide you with updates and the progress of your order. We will settle on a ship date and a method for getting your last minute shooters badges and additional awards done.

If I am not available when you call, I guarantee you that I will return voice mail messages and E-mails quickly. I am glued to my cell phone when not at home and take a laptop computer with me whenever I travel to shoot in a match. The business is stationary and we do not do shows or travel to shoots to be a vendor.

My heart and lifestyle is focused around Cowboy Action Shooters. We like to do engraving for all shooters and their stuff. However, we do engrave for anyone that has a need for our services.  Our customers include numerous police agencies, fire departments, commercial markings on electronic equipment, office labeling, custom clock faces, leather, transfer of award certificates to engravings and glass engraving.

So, take a look around our little web site. We have pictures of some examples we have done for our customers. Every example shown was done by Chuckaroo (100%) not someone else. Each item is one of a kind and the pictures are examples of what customers have requested.  There are no pictures of someone else's work.

My sincere thanks to Doug Curtis (AKA Laser Hound) of Curtis Services in Ohio, for his assistance and encouragement. Anyone that takes the time to help a competitor is truly a friend. He knows the "Cowboy Way."

Over the last 4 years, the price of plastic has gone up 18%. Until now, we have absorbed the additional cost.  Unfortunately, we must adjust our prices to cover the most recent price increase. We have increased the cost of a typical badge by .10 cents.  Our badge prices are very competitive.

All pricing quotes are for standard materials and limited graphic work. 
Composite, horn, antler, bone and exotic materials slightly higher. Some logos or graphics provided by the customer, are not useable in their original condition. Lasers need a good vector line drawing to for the best results. Many graphics can be converted and made usable. At times,  this can require several hours of extra work and a graphic conversion fee may be necessary. 

Our match shooters badges are approximately 1/16" minimum thickness.  A typical badge, 2 1/4 X 2 1/4", is around $2.15, when ordering 40 or so  badges of the same color. If you need fewer badges, just give us a shout and we will quote you a price. If combined with other engraving, the number of badges does not have to be 40. Heavier gauge material, larger badges and some exotic plastic products are a little more. Unless noted, all of our plastics are UV protected for outdoor use and can be attached to your gun cart for permanent display without fear of fading or cracking from sunlight exposure. 

Alder wood badges are also available for slightly higher prices and they look great.  Thin ones may not hold their shape if they get wet, so we use a thicker 1/4" solid alder wood badge which is better suited for outdoor use.  See the badge section of the samples menu for additional pricing and information.

We use a 1 1/2" pin that can be easily attached to your clothing without going blind trying to find the clasp. Other types of badge pins and magnets are available for an additional charge, advanced ordering required for non-stock items.

Match awards vary in price by the type of award chosen. Currently, we are very fond of alder wood plaques. This wood engraves nicely and creates a high contrast  presentation. In most cases, your clubs logo, state outline or organizational graphic can be applied or used as a background for your awards. These plaques show well and cost a far less than acrylic awards.  Other wood types are available but we need 6 weeks advance notice so that we can order the plaques. 

First time designs may require a small set up fee. If you reuse a design that you have already ordered in the past, there would be no set up charges.  If you select a stock design from the samples, there is no set up fee. 

Please feel free to contact Chuckaroo about your match awards and badge needs. Our fees are reasonable and will not break your awards budget.  

Gun stocks, grips, gun cart lids and cart appliqués are very reasonably priced and we can personalize your gear for everyone to see.

Ordering can be done by phone or E-mail. Generally, we only keep the most popular plastic colors in stock. Plaques and other award styles are many, and it is not possible for a small business to keep a supply of everything that is available. Because of this, it is important to have some advanced notice (two weeks for plastic and eight weeks for plaques) of the type and approximate number of awards or badges you will be needing. This way, your supplies can be ordered while the design and art work are being prepared and approved.

Once you place your order, we will work up a design and
E-mail the layout for your approval.

We truly understand the desire to wait until the last minute before ordering badges and awards. This can make a deadline a little to close for your comfort and generally give match directors another headache. However, I've been there and I know how it is.  Advance notice of your order can get everything in place prior to the final late requests.  We can get started with the known portion of your order, while waiting for the late comers. This will greatly speed things up and take some pressure off of you and us. Holding the full order to the last minute could cause a late delivery due to shipping delays of your materials or Murphy's Law.

First step is ordering the material. Next we work on the design. If you are ordering awards or badges for a match, we will settle on a ship date so you have everything when you need it. You can then send me the details of your order and what you want engraved. Finally, we will establish a drop dead date for late comers or additions to the order.

Larger orders can take up to a week to complete. When you add in 8 weeks to get materials for plaques and a week to make them, several months goes by real quickly.

If you want gun engraving, grip or stock engraving, cart tops or any of our other offerings, just give us a call or E-mail and we can help you out personally. We maintain a Class 01 Federal Firearms License for the receiving and shipping of firearms. We have done hundreds of grips and stocks. Personalization is great for family heirlooms or gifts. We do not supply stocks or grips, we only engrave the customers pieces. The laser has a maximum work surface of 24" x 12" so full stock rifles will not fit in the machine.

Awards Tracking & Ordering Matrix
Trying to keep track of how many awards to buy and how deep to go into the various categories can be confusing. Then you have to relate that information to the person that is making the awards. The matrix can be given to your awards maker and they will appreciate how concise it is.

The Awards Matrix is an Excel spread sheet designed to help you keep track of your awards needs. Simply enter a 1 in the appropriate box and it will total your awards by category, and placement. This is a simple matrix with the formulas protected. You can add additional categories that you have as well. "RIGHT CLICK" on Awards Matrix and select "SAVE TARGET AS" to download your free Awards Matrix cheat sheet.

Contact Us
The best way to contact us is via E-mail at . Please put "Engraving" somewhere in the subject line.  I return all E-mails promptly and always take a lop-top computer with me when I travel.  If you call (301) 831-9666, you can leave a voice mail.

We are located in Ijamsville, Maryland and we are in the Eastern Standard time zone.

General Engraving Information
Engraving on Wood - Laser engraving wood is always interesting.  Every species of wood is different and so are the results when laser engraved.  Wood density, species, wood stains and the finish on the wood all create variances in the final outcome.  Because of this, there is no way to guarantee that one engraving will exactly resemble another.  Softer woods don't burn and usually don't give a dark look. Hardwoods, like oak, will give a textured appearance.  The lighter the wood color, the greater the contrast and in most cases, the lighter wood displays the engraving better.  This is why we use alder wood for our plaques.  Dark walnut engraves fine but the visual contrast is not as vibrant as with lighter wood shades.

Leather has similar characteristics.   The lighter the leather color, the better the contrast.  Smooth leather gives a nicer look than rough leather.

Absolutely beautiful! Your design, execution and the final product exceeded my expectations on my Perazzi TM1 shotgun stock. YOU are the Best.
Thanks Again. Charles - Bland, VA

I just now opened the box with the clean match badges for TMS and they were PERFECT. Thank you very much for the great customer service.  As cliché as it sounds “the check is in the mail”.  Colorado Blackjack - Grand Jct, Colorado

*Chuck, I received my gun grip, just wanted to let you know I am VERY PLEASED with the engraving! You did a BEAUTIFUL JOB! Thanks you very much, I may have more work for you in the future. Ron- Carrolltown, PA

*Thanks Chuck! I am ecstatic to see the grips. I will probably have another one for you soon. Thanks again!  Chris - Altamonte Springs, Florida

*Hi Chuck, the stock and forearm arrived yesterday and perfect workmanship.  Reassembled the rifle. Very striking look.  Thank you so much for the Lightening fast turnaround. Regards Texas Red - Bourbonnais, Illinois

*I would like to recommend Chuckaroo after engraving a rifle stock, for our grandson.  Chuckaroo was most helpful and provided suggestions and guidance thru the project.  He provided several options and examples for us to look at and also helped us with the lettering and overall design.  We did not have any experience with this type of engraving, and after seeing the finished product it was absolutely perfect.
If you have any engraving to be done, check with Chuckaroo first or last you will not be disappointed. Doc Sanders - San Angelo, Texas

*The stock and forearm looks magnificent-awesome. Very impressed with the outcome and your expeditious process. Thanks again. Joe T. - Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Stock arrived yesterday . Words can't do it justice , you have to see it to believe it , as you well know ! Taking an average gun , and turning into a piece of art to proudly pass down someday . I can't THANK YOU enough . Big John - Franklin, Indiana

Howdy...had to email you that we received the grips for my pistols and they are perfect!  They should improve my grip a lot...we are so glad we sent them to you! Thank you!  Sincerely, Feather - Foster, Virginia

*Chuck, I just opened the box and I love it.  Your prompt service was amazing. You received the package from me in the A.M. did the work and shipped it back to me in the P.M.  Everything is beautiful on the stock and forearm. I'll send pictures once I put the rifle back together.  Mike Dunn - Michigan

*Chuck - Just received the "Rosalie" grip today.  Excellent work!  Much appreciated.  I am filing your business card for future use.  I have looked, we do not have a service like this around here.  Dale Sprague - Seattle, Washington.

*Just received my forearm piece and it looks wonderful! I very much appreciate your skill and promptness. Thank you. Bill  - Charlottesvile, VA.

*Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on the gun stock and forearm we sent you.  Your work is outstanding and the way you communicated back and forth with us was very much appreciated.  We really felt we were on the same page thru the process. Thank you again so much and we hope you an your family had a wonderful Christmas.  Happy New Year. Thanks, Marie Cropper - Delaware.

*Wow...just unwrapped box and saw your amazing handiwork.  I cant wait to give to my boys!  Thanks really created family heirlooms!  Jeffery  - Woodinville, Washington

*When I first went online to, I couldn't believe the quality of the engraving, and how 'clean' and professional the work looked in the photos.  I contacted Chuck via email, went over what I was trying to do on my compact 1911 grips, and he immediately got   back with me with a quote.  I sent the blank grips off with a simple drawing of the symbols and quotes I wanted.  Chuck jumped on it and it was a matter of a few days - after the July 4th holiday! - before I received the grips.  He made sure sizing, and look of the quotes was right and the extra symbols were perfect.  The guys at the range - I just went to show them off - are besides themselves.  These are guys who have seen engraving work on old and modern pistols and they couldn't believe how well the grips came out.  Can't thank Chuck enough, and the price was very reasonable.  Shawn Buige, North Carolina

*Your response to our order was prompt and always friendly, and your suggestions were on the money.  Looking forward to working with you again. Jeb McFoo - Shasta Regulators of Hat Creek - Orland, California

*ABSOLUTELY LOVE'EM!!!!!  The grips look GREAT!!  Use me as a reference anytime!  Hope to send you additional business.  J. Burke - Nicholasville, KY

*Well, I got the stock today. I figured it would be great and it was. I just couldn't believe how fast you are. I'm just tickled with it! I have a couple of pistol grips for down the road. Gerry O. - Austin, Texas.

*Got the pistols and they are absolutely great!!  She is going to be really happy.  I just wish I didn’t have to keep them in the safe until her July birthday.  Thanks again so much for your patience and craftsmanship.  Hope to send you some more business after some of the CAS shooters see them.  Doc Adams, Ohio

Just got the grips and they are perfect.  I will gladly recommend your work to anyone.  Hugh C, Horseshoe Beach, FL.

*The guns look great. I will be bugging you to do others for me. You are the first guy I have found in the gun world that does great work, great prices, ultra quick turn around and easy to deal with. Thanks so much and hope to be doing business again soon.  Rick - Danville, Illinois

*Chuckaroo does amazing engraving work, and at turnaround speeds that would make lightening proud:  I sent out my rosewood grips for engraving on a Monday, and received them back on Thursday of that same week!  And what I received back from Chuck were custom engraved pistol side panels that looked like they were hand worked by a top 19th or 20th Century craftsman: yet it was done using laser engraving, which is truly a miracle of 21st Century wood working; and Chuck really knows how to make that laser engraver sing!  Beautiful work indeed from Chuckaroo, and at a price that is but a fraction of hand engraving. Cotter - Mississippi

*Chuckaroo, The badges and plaques arrived, they look great.  Thank you for being so conscientious. I am very pleased with everything you did, and I am sure the rest of the club will be, too.  Great job! Cerveza Kid, The Southwest Florida Gunslingers "Shootout In The Swamp" - Naples, Florida

*Just wanted to let you know the name badges were a big hit!!  I heard comments such as they were the best they ever received.  Many comments!  Thanks for an awesome job!! Basket Lady, Match Director for the Conestoga Trail Ride - Pennsylvania

*Chuckaroo, Just want to thank you for the beautiful job on the laser engraved plaques we ordered from you for our 2009 Blue Ridge Roundup.  Your design, craftsmanship, and service was excellent.  It was a pleasure working with you on this and we are sure to call on you again next year, if not sooner, for all our laser engraving needs. Sincerely, Bad Company Pres., Blue Ridge Regulators - Lexington, Virginia

*Chuckaroo, Thank you so much for your outstanding service on our order. I was expecting a wait of some time yet, from our initial phone conversation to your shipment was less than 24 hours! Your ability to make suggestions for what we needed (and why), your expertise in helping me through the ordering process and genuine friendliness are a shining example of great professionalism. You, sir, epitomize the best in small business and The Cowboy Way. Thanks. Gateway Kid, SASS 70038 - Grand Junction, Colorado

*On Monday (of Thanksgiving week) I sent a 73 fore-end to Chuckaroo to have it engraved. When I got home from work Friday night, it was back. Really FAST service, the work is excellent and the price was more than fair!! Hired Gun - New Cumberland, PA

*Chuckaroo, thanks for everything you have done to make "Purgatory in the Pines 2008" the great match it was. Your badges and plaques were a big hit with everyone. You went way above and beyond, with what you did and put up with, concerning our order and the many - many and many revisions. I will be in touch next year until then have a great Holliday season, be healthy and shoot straight. Again Thanks!  Chuckwagon Bill. - New Jersey

* What I got back is more than up to any standard of laser engraving that I have ever seen and the customer service and turn around time was great. I will be doing much more business with Chuckaroo and his outfit and will be passing his name around to any follow pards that gets a hankerin' to have "those that take pride" in their work, do something for them. Isreal Precious Goldberg,  SASS 34521L - Silver City, New Mexico

*The stocks arrived last Friday and turned out better than I imagined.  I'm thrilled.  Now I have to get them finished, mounted and show them off!
Thanks, Barley Pop Bill - Pennsylvania

*Chuckaroo, nice job on my 1873 forearm, I am very happy!  Fact is I just might buy new wood for the rifle I use every weekend, just so you can make it pretty too. Two Rig  A Tony - Michigan

*Chuckaroo, Yesterday, the fore stock for my ’66 Yellowboy arrived. It was in your shop for only a couple days.
The design you created and executed is perfect. I really appreciated the prompt E-mail responses that kept our conversations and design decisions organized. Your prices are reasonable and you evidence a servant’s heart. You have created an advocate. Best regards, Pegleg Pete - Colorado, SASS 5302(L), NRA(L)

*WOW!  "The star pattern on my buffalo horn grips pops and I now get a better grip on the gun than it ever did. Chuckaroo makes nature better!"  Thanks, John Paul George Ringo - Enfield, Connecticut

*These rosewood grips that Chuckaroo did for me came out perfect,  I wanted something that I could hold on to on a sweaty day, and he did just the right thing, put stars all over them, and even my alias is engraved on each side.  Love them !  Very reasonably priced, too !  Thank you so much, Chuckaroo !!! Kiddo Caldwell - Frederick, Maryland

*Chuckaroo, The badges and plaques you did for us look great. You have been a pleasure to work with. I'm sure we will be using your services again. Penelope Petticoat, The "3:10 To Wagram" shoot- North Carolina

*Chuckaroo, Winter Range could not have found a better badge maker than you.  You were extremely responsive, attentive to our needs, and you delivered ahead of schedule.  Your badges are of the best quality and your prices are right.  We really appreciate that you went beyond the call of duty to make last minute changes and additions.  We hope you will be our Winter Range badge maker for years to come.  It was a pleasure working with you. Lt Col Scratch, Winter Range Registration an Scoring - Arizona

*Chuckaroo,  I want to thank you again for your quick responses to our needs for badges for our recent shoot.  In our "after shoot" meeting, your badges were listed as a "Positive".  I'm sure we will be turning to you for our next shoot. Thanks, Kay Brand, President, ACSA, Inc. - Arizona

*I can't begin to thank you for the engraving on my guns. I don't know which I like the best, the Rifle and Shotgun or the pistols. I'm so tickled with them all!!! I would probably sleep with them but Potter County Kid might object to that.  I love the designs you came up with and the fact that I had something to do with it makes it even more special.  You do great work, you are affordable and don't mind input, and you have insight too. Thanks so much, I just love them. Sassy Shooting Sours - Virginia

The engraving you made on the ammo box, on my gun cart, is nothing short of fantastic.  You are a true artist.  Clive Willard - Monrovia, Maryland
*Thanks for the great job and service in providing the Badges for Purgatory In The Pines 2007, the New Jersey State SASS Championship. The Badges were one of the factors to make this match a Great one. Shoot straight and hope to see you down the trail in the future. Chuckwagon Bill SASS # 28629, Committee member PIP 2007 - Jackson, New Jersey
*"As the awards buyer for The Mason Dixon Stampede, I was very pleased to find out Chuckaroo started doing Laser Engraving. One, I knew I would get my Awards and badges on time, as I would sick the Match Director on him ....also Chuckaroo. Seriously, I knew Chuck is a perfectionist and man I was not disappointed! Please see the Mason Dixon Plaques in the awards section...WOW!  He cleaned our Logo up pixel by pixel. In addition to running one of the Best SASS Matches in the Country, he asked me for my derringer on Thursday (Side Match Day) and handed it back the next morning with my Alias and SASS number on both sides of the barrel...Sharp looking!  Badges..... Nice, readable...and on time. Priced in line with any one in the country. Chuckaroo's is the only engraver I will use for anything!"
Bull Shoals - Spring Grove, - Pennsylvania, awards chairman and Stage Writer, The Mason Dixon Stampede, SASS NE Regional - Maryland

*The badges Chuckaroo made for our 2007 Shootout at Leadville were great!  And Chuckaroo was great to work with!  He listened to what I wanted and he offered ideas to make them even better looking.  He delivered on time and could even make changes and additions up to the last minute.  Great product, easy to work with, good prices, you can’t go wrong with Chuckaroo.  Oracle Jones, Match Director, Jefferson Outlaws - Pennsylvania
*The service was exceptional on our badges.  With just a little information from us, Chuckaroo was able to produce just the badge we had in mind and in an extremely short time period!!  Everyone that received a badge was pleased with it.  Thanks, Chuckaroo.  Basket Lady, Elstonville Hombres - Pennsylvania



A happy Chuckaroo
Mason Dixon Stampede Banquet

A proud Chuckaroo
SASS TG OF The Year 2006 Thanks SASS!

Chuckaroo and "Gunny" on set of pilot for "Lock & Load"

Comcast Interview Thunder Valley Days (Same Dang Costume!)

Fight scene in Come Hell Or High Water
Formerly called One Eyed Horse

Chuckaroo's SASS Hall Of Fame Induction

Lab Logan, Sassy Buttons & Bows (my better half) and Chuckaroo
At Fight Scene Of
Come Hell Or High Water

Playing Cards & Watchin' The "Lamay Sisters"
As Played In The Movie
Come Hell Or High Water

Chuckaroo is a proud  Life Member of the following organizations

SASS (Single Action Shooting Society)
SASS Hall of Fame Inductee January, 2015

The Cowboy Action Shooting Club "The Damascus Wildlife Rangers"

The Wildlife Achievement Chapter of
The Izaak Walton League of  America Inc.

The National Izaak Walton League

The Maryland State Division of The Izaak Walton League

The Thurmont Conservation and Sportsman's Club

National Rifle Association


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